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First Aid at Work Training Courses in Doncaster

No matter how safe your workplace is or how well your risks are managed, employees may be injured or taken ill at work and will require adequate and appropriate attention. Approved training is the best way to meet legal obligations regarding First Aid at Work and to empower your team members to take the correct actions and appropriate measures should anyone become a casualty.

How can we help with our First Aid at Work Courses in Doncaster

Our approved first aid training courses in Doncaster can be delivered at your own place of work or we can provide courses at a suitable training location. All our first aid courses are approved, helping employers and organisations to comply with UK HSE requirements.

Our first aid at work courses include:

Who to provide First Aid to and who needs First Aid at Work training?

Whether you need the full 3 day First Aid at Work course or the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work, by law you only have to provide first aid to employees and this includes people undertaking work experience or on training schemes. Who needs to be trained and to what level is determined by your risk assessment. We can help you determine this. To find out more about the requirements for training of first aiders at work visit our Resource section or contact us.

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